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Use a Candy Crush gamification marketing campaign to...

Generate Leads

Gamification marketing campaigns generate more leads than any other lead generation form!

Create brand awareness

Use the power of gamification marketing to generate hundreds of thousands of interactions with your brand

Boost SEO

Gamification marketing keeps your visitors engaged in your site over 20 minutes which boosts your SEO deliverability!

14-day free trial!

How does it work?

Let me show you how you can create your own Candy Crush gamification marketing campaign in 30 seconds

Create your campaign

You can have your personally branded match 3 gamification marketing campaign ready in 30 minutes

Publish it anywhere

Banners – have people play your campaign straight in interactive banners

Your website – Copy paste 1 line of code and the game appears in your website

Separate landing page – we already have that covered. As soon as your game is ready then we also provide you a landing page where people can interact with your campaign


Full control over your designs

  • Fonts: Use your own custom fonts or choose any of our available google fonts
  • Colors: Use your own brand colors on any parts of the game or landing pag
  • Images: Just drag and drop the images you wish to use either in the game or on the landing page
  • Texts: Every text can be changed through a text editor

Leaderboards and competition!

The game comes with a built in public leaderboard and score tracking

Know exactly who achieved the best scores and give prizes to the top players!

Real-Time Analytics

Without any integration Adact starts tracking everything automatically as soon as you publish the game

Gamification marketing provides amazing results and you can just sit back and enjoy while people spend hours upon hours trying to achieve the best scores for your prize!

We track anything from 

  • Landing page visitors, Gameplays
  • Time spent, Completion Rate
  • Buttons clicked
  • Traffic in and out
  • each individual players score
  • … and much more

Prize management system

Adact comes with a powerful Prize Management System that is crucial for gamification marketing! 

Set up quickly for example

  • A prize to everyone reaching at least 100 points
  • Raffle a prize at the end of the campaign between all players
  • Choose a winner from top 3 scores
  • Give your custom coupon code to anyone who achieved 100 points.
  • … and much more
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