Where can I use Adact campaigns?

Create a campaign with Adact and use it anywhere in the digital world!

1. Use your branded landing page

With Adact you can design both the game and the landing page without writing a single line of code.

Each brand you manage in the account has their own ***.adact.me domain.

After you have created a campaign, direct people to your campaign site and start collecting lead data.

We often suggest using this exact approach as in this site your audience has only 1 possible activity – to engage with their campaign and we see the results being the best! 

After creating the game, everyone can access it from tutorial.adact.me/campaignname

2. Embed the game in your own site

After you have created the game you can just copy paste 1 line of code and the same game also appears in your website. 

Try it out below:

3. Use the game in online banners!

Yes! You can take the game and distribute it in banners all around the website.

Here’s an example of using the same game in a banner that appears while reading the news!

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