Investor Update Q2 2020


When we won Techchill 2020 B2B track of 50 Founders Battle we had 0€ MRR.

We said on stage that we have “enough clients in our pipeline to reach 5000€ MRR by Q4 2020.”

Those weren’t just cold words as by the end of Q2 we have reached 2200€ MRR with customers signing up to a 6 mo licensing agreement.

We are constantly hitting our predictions both in expenses and revenue for the past 4 months.

During the 3 months of the last update we have been working hard to generate results. This update is all about the results and a little bit about the future.



Our SaaS platform enables brands and creative agencies to create online interactive marketing campaigns without writing any code

These interactive campaigns have proven to yield better results in all marketing KPI’s – conversion, engagement length, retention, cost per lead etc. But they were expensive and time consuming to create.

Now with Adact we maintain the high KPI metrics that come with interactive campaigns but remove the budget and time constraints for creating one.


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First lines of code in January and having a usable MVP by mid February.

2200€ MRR by June – We have managed to quickly prove that people are willing to pay for our product and we add value to our customers. Our clients include Betsafe, Alexela, Elisa, Heathmont, La Ecwador and many others.

103 product demos conducted in 2.5 months – That is more than a demo per day every single day for 2.5 months. We are not slacking.

  • 100 000+ engagements – Campaigns created with Adact have been played with more than 100 000 times in 2.5 months with average engagement length of  85 seconds – 15x higher than what an average facebook ad sees.


We constantly heard that “Marketing budgets are the first to be cut” and we can’t sell during Corona.

Truth is that offline marketing budgets moved to online and brands are actively looking for innovative solutions to stand out.

Adact helps companies to be unique in online marketing without breaking the bank.

We started our first sale exactly when corona hit and as you can see from the pseudo-correlation graph, corona didn’t stop us.



We would grow much faster if we would have an on-site development team. That would enable us to both deal with existing issues but also rewrite our framework and server codes to handle better scalability.

Bootstrapping doesn’t allow to hire an on-site development team just yet, which is one reason we are looking for investment.


We are raising a €250k seed round for 16-mo runway which we plan to close early Q4 2020

Around 60% of it would go to development ( divided between R&D projects and a new framework ). 20-30% would boost sales / marketing efforts and rest for ongoing expenses.

We are actively looking for investors for the seed round.

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