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Win new customers, communicate with your audience and create a memorable brand experience.

How can Adact help?

Every day, more and more people are connecting digitally. They want to be engaged with brands who know them well enough for both traditional advertising methods as well new ones like social media platforms or mobile apps. 

A successful strategy is one that keeps up-to date on trends so it can meet consumer expectations in any way they may arise

Engage your audience with interactive content

Adact offers over 30 different campaign types, all ready to be created in 30 minutes to satisfy every aspect of your marketing needs.

Create Quizzes, Raffles, Games, Polls, Videos to truly showcase your brand and products!

Build the campaign once and reuse it in every medium as you see fit- in newsletters, display ads, website, application.

Distribute unique discount coupons with Adact to drive sales and conversion through gamification marketing

Each campaign you can create can gather any type of data from your audience. From contact information to free text answers – all options are possible out of the box!

Use Zapier integration to transfer the data to any of your supported systems. Get notified when someone wins the main prize or simply automatically add your leads to your newsletter list

Collect any data and distribute it to your systems

Spice up your marketing with real playable games

FMCG brands are most suitable for actual games that you can freely create with Adact!

Create a flappy birds game where your mascot is flying, create a drop game where people collect ingredients of your drinks, use a memory game to have people remember your new products branding.

Adact is the only software that enables you to create games with leaderboards and competition!

Join Orkla in Retail and E-commerce gamification

Orkla has created various different interactive and gamified campaigns with Adact. Either to promote their new products, direct traffic to their e-commerce site or just to create brand awareness


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How can gamification marketing work in my sector?

Adact is confident you can use interactive marketing regardless of which sector do you operate in