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Win new customers, communicate with your audience and create a memorable brand experience.

How can Adact help?

Media groups are fighting an uphill battle to remain successful in their digital transformations. These battles include adapting newsrooms and media formats for new distribution channels while also dealing with issues like declining audiences of traditional mediums, difficulty monetizing internet browsing habits due the end Third Party Cookies (3PC), fierce competition from GAFA – Google Apple Facebook Alibaba-, etc.

Adact helps you on to find new solutions to include in your portfolio to enrich your value offering!

Engage your audience with interactive content

Adact offers over 30 different campaign types, all ready to be created in 30 minutes to satisfy every aspect of your marketing needs.

Create Quizzes, Raffles, Games, Polls, Videos to truly showcase your brand and products!

All of the campaigns can be used in banners or other media space to be distributed over DPS’s.

Offer al of the campaign types to your customers to increase your portfolio of products available

Each campaign you can create can gather any type of data from your audience. From contact information to free text answers – all options are possible out of the box!

Use Zapier integration to transfer the data to any of your supported systems. Get notified when someone wins the main prize or simply automatically add your leads to your newsletter list

Collect any data and distribute it to your systems

Spice up your marketing with real playable games

FMCG brands are most suitable for actual games that you can freely create with Adact!

Create a flappy birds game where your mascot is flying, create a drop game where people collect ingredients of your drinks, use a memory game to have people remember your new products branding.

Adact is the only software that enables you to create games with leaderboards and competition!

Amaze your clients with interactive campaigns like Mediabrands Digital

Mediabrands Digital is a Media and creative agency helping their clients across various different fields in digital marketing strategy.

Now Mediabrands digital can also offer gamification marketing campaigns to their clients by having an Adact license. 

Clients like Airbaltic and Mini have all launched gamification marketing campaigns created with Adact

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How can gamification marketing work in my sector?

Adact is confident you can use interactive marketing regardless of which sector do you operate in