Looking for a CTO

Adact in a nutshell

Our SaaS platform enables brands and creative agencies to create online interactive marketing campaigns without writing any code

These interactive campaigns have proven to yield better results in all marketing KPI’s – conversion, engagement length, retention, cost per lead etc. But they were expensive and time consuming to create.

With Adact we maintain the high KPI metrics that come with interactive campaigns but remove the budget and time constraints for creating one.

Open role for a CTO / Co-Founder

Adact is looking for a CTO and potentially a Co-founder to complete our dream team.

Currently we have 2 people on the founders team –
Andreas Unt – an exceptional sales guy that ticks all the boxes a sales guy should have.
Kalev Kärpuk – brains behind the product and expertise in the field. Also has a Computer Science degree so can opinionate on technical matters as well but doesn’t do coding on Adact.
We wrote the first lines of code on January 6, started selling in May and by June we had €2200€ MRR and growing.
Some key points about the role:

You’re a good match if you are willing to take a proof of concept product (which already generates revenue and has clients using it ) and start redesigning the architecture from custom PHP framework/Jquery/DigitalOceaan to something more modern.

Amongst other things we need someone to come up with a plan how (and why) to

  1. – gradually upgrade the framework ( both front and back-end)
  2. – implement a more stable live deployment procedure including unit tests
  3. – improve server side coding
  4. – optimize queries for faster loading


Basically take what we have-  envision it 3 years in the future and start designing the product with future scalability issues in mind .

The company culture is very open to the gaming world and much layed back while still being professional, smart and analytical in our decision making.

As a Co-Founder we would expect you to be located in Tallinn.

Although remote work is cool and all we are not at a phase where all of the work processes are so well defined so we like to fight the battle shoulder to shoulder

Want to know more?

Option 1: Book a meeting with me @ https://calendly.com/kalevadact/45-min-call

Option 2: Give me a call / send me an e-mail at +372 53440043 or kalev@adact.me

Option 3: Just leave your e-mail and I’ll get back to you asap!

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